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Jewish Association Czulent

Czulent Jewish Association was established in 2004 as an independent association of young Jews in Krakow. Association members have different interests and views but share the belief that Jewish identity is something precious that needs to be nurtured and strengthened. The Society is open both to those who are inclined to religion and to those whose Jewishness has a secular dimension, because the foundations of our association are: pluralism, diversity, openness and tolerance. 
The Association aims to create a space where members, individually or collectively, may define their identity and meet the challenges posed before them as active members of the Jewish community of Krakow. 

Priorities of the Association are: 

  • integration of the Jewish community;

Our actions are directed primarily to the Jewish community of Krakow. Projects implemented by us integrate a variety of age groups and organizations. We build the same strong sense of community within a community of Krakow's Jews and Jewish women. 

  • advancing our knowledge of Jewish culture and tradition;

We create projects that offer improved access to Jewish knowledge, such as the creation of a public Jewish library, now housed at the Jewish Community Center in Krakow. We organize exhibitions, lectures, and meetings with artists to give students 
and other individuals the ability to interact with Jewish culture and Jewish tradition. 

  • promote tolerance, shaping the attitudes of openness to differences in national, ethnic and religious minorities, with particular emphasis on condemning anti-Semitism;

We have organized workshops and classes devoted to anti-discrimination education, as well as more informal settings aimed at teaching anti-discrimination. We support activities aimed at an exchange of experiences among organizations working towards wider tolerance.